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CLS, the 3D laser scanning division of Airside Inc., was created to specifically meet the challenges of today’s renovation work. In order to meet client’s needs, it is critical to meet their deadlines. In today’s fast-paced construction industry, how do you overcome this giant obstacle, while remaining flexible to changing project requirements? 3D laser scanning is the solution.

3D laser scanning and modeling has become more of a necessity in today’s construction market to give that much needed edge in all stages of the construction timeline.

3D laser scanning and modeling services utilized at the design phase of the project for use by architects and engineers can help the designers at the beginning of any project. The layout of mechanical services and architectural features will mesh exactly with the existing conditions of any building by providing an exact representation of the real world conditions in the virtual environment.

3D laser scanning services utilized at the construction phase of the project can eliminate a large portion of the time traditionally spent during the coordination phase of any renovation project on field survey. 3D laser scanning and modeling would completely eliminate the time spent by all trades on field measuring without sacrificing accuracy, resulting in an overall time savings to the project. 3D laser scanning and model development by CLS can replace the need for field survey for all trades and at a level of precision that cannot be reproduced by traditional tape measure, plumb bob, and string pulling methods. This starts the project on the strongest foundation to begin any renovation coordination phase including BIM coordination. Discrepancies with the construction documents that are traditionally not realized because of time constraints can be discovered ahead of time with a 3D laser scanned model showing accurately where everything truly resides in the building.

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